About us

Moya App is one of the first media to order water online in the region. It is your way to order water from your favorite companies to your house, office or mosque.

Moya App was launched in 2017. Our service has spread to many cities, creating an online water-delivery network; and now our services are available in Saudi Arabia and all its towns and outskirts.

In the age of technology, the idea behind Moya App came into shape to provide our customers with the best service by providing the best quality of drinking water in addition to related products using simple steps, guaranteeing our customers’ comfort and safe product delivery.

Moya App is both a website and a mobile app specializing in satisfying all your drinking water needs. Our site connects customers to all water providers and the various trademarks available in the market, including all varieties (mineral, fuzzy, or flavored water). We seek to safeguard and to satisfy all your demands under one platform packed and ready in different shapes and sizes to meet all demands and special events while focusing on the quality and safety of the delivery.

We are looking forward to the fast growth of operations to move beyond Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council region, relying on the latest world technologies in order to meet all your demands professionally and efficiently.